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108-a story of survival during corona pandemic

108 depicts the risky lives of ambulance drivers during the rapid spread of corona pandemic.

Covid-19 pandemic has created such a huge crisis in everyone’s lives. The very sound and sight of 108 ambulance symbolizes the worst ever condition of our situation. People are tensed to  witness the moving of 108 ambulances.

However,it is the time of thinking about survival and post Covid-19 bright times,too. A short movie,made by Vipin TK,K.M.Hashib,Amarjith PT Thalakkulathur portrays the front-line warriors who fight against the pandemic and stay tirelessly to bring us safety and good hope.

The short movie,titled 108 was produced by  NV Prabheesh. Debutant artists Sharath PK.Kavya Suresh,Deepak Sen,Arun are  casts.

Aruna Gopalan penned lyrics for the movie while Sai Balan composed music.

Beautiful songs and timely theme are expected to give the movie a good mileage among Malayali movie fans.

The movie was released through the Facebook page of cine actor Pashanam Shaji.


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