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Sandalwood trees smuggled at ZGC Kozhikode

Sandalwood trees chopped off and smuggled out from Kozhikode Guruvayoorappan College campus – SFI activists lock up the Principal inside office till late hours over inaction on the incident:


The students Federation of India (SFI) activists locked up Dr.G Indiradevi, Principal of Zamorin’s Guruvayoorappan College, Kozhikode, in her office room for hours on Friday accusing her of failing to take necessary action to prevent the axing and smuggling of sandalwood trees from the college campus, despite frequent occurance of the theft.

Nearly 60 SFI activists laid seige to the office of the Principal on Friday from 4 pm locking her inside.
The students ended their stirr at 10 pm following the assurance given by her that the issue would be discussed on Monday with all concerned.

The sandalwood trees were found smuggled out from the campus around 1 am on Friday. Footage of the robbery has been captured on CCTV camera.

According to the students, the axing of the sandalwood trees in the sprawling campus was noticed by SFI leaders, T.P. Rashid and P. Athul.
They immediately brought the incident to the notice of the Principal.

The students alleged that the Principal refused to lodge a complaint with the Police or to look into the serious matter occured on the campus.

Earlier also, sandalwood trees were cut and stolen from the campus. The Principal has not taken any tangible action then.

The Principal, Indiradevi, however, refuted the allegations of the students. She said she has immediately informed the college management of the incident and also filed complaint with the Kasaba Police. The delay occured in filing of the complaint due to her preoccupations with the examinations going on in the College. She has limitations over such incidents taking place on the land owned by the college management and she can’t do much more than that. This was conveyed to the students. Without heeding to my version, the students locked me inside office room, said Principal.

The SFI College unit has a different story to tell on this score. They are of the view that the claim made by the Principal that complaint has been filed with Police is untrustworthy. The Principal always adopted a lackadaisical approach towards all such issues, even when the same incident occurred a few months ago.
The students complain that the Principal unnecessary summoned the boys and girls who were found sitting together on the campus and taunted them.
In the instant case of theft, her approach is rather passive, adopting different policies.

The SFI unit urged to start police investigation into the incident immediately and to convene the College grievance redressal committe urgently to discuss the frequent occurance of the theft of sandalwood trees from the campus so as to plug the glaring loopholes in the management of the college property




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