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Blind lottery ticket vendor robbed in Kozhikode

M.K.Pramod unveils the pathetic story of a blind lottery vendor who was robbed in broad daylight under the nose of City Police Commissioner Office in Kozhikode.

Blind lottery ticket vendor robbed of tickets worth Rs.3000/- under the nose of the office of Police Commissioner of Calicut – No clue on the thief even after two days of the crime – Police Commissioner AV George assures immediate action to find out the thief:

It was as if a usual day on Thursday for Sekhar, a blind lottery ticket vendor, who came all the way from Balusserry to Calicut to sell a few lottery tickets he bought from the agent for his livelihood.

But all his hope for the day for an early sale of tickets and return home got shattered when he found that all the 75 tickets he bought in the bunch of three books were easily stolen by a conman.

Shekhar, a totally blind man, who sells the Government run lottery tickets in the Calicut city for years without any hassles, found to his utter shock and dismay that all his livelihood has been snatched by a conman, when he found that the man who pretending to be buying tickets, made away with three books of lottery tickets worth Rs.3000/- and also Rs.500/- from him.

According to Shekhar, a man speaking in Tamil dialect approached him, pretending to be a customer, around 12.30 pm on Thursday and took a bunch of tickets from him as if to pick a ticket of his choice.

He then created an impression that he took all the tickets and wanted him to give back Rs.500/- back as balance amount for his whole payment.

He then walked away with the whole bunch of three packets after collecting Rs.500/- as balance amount.

There were nearly 100 tickets in the three packets, each ticket priced at Rs 30.

After some time only, Shekhar could realize that he was cheated by the thief who made good of his blindness.

With the help of some autorickshaw drivers, Shekhar went to the Calicut Kasaba Police station and lodged a complaint there.

Today when the CNM correspondent met Shekhar near the KSRTC bus station, he was frantically wanting to reach out to the Kasaba Police station to know about the progress on his complaint.

He was totally in a distressed situation over the loss of his earnings with the agent refusing to give him any more tickets for sales and his future bleak.

CNM correspondent M.K Pramod searched the police station number from internet and provided him.

 Shekhar called up the Kasaba Police station for updates on his complaint and got the usual reply that there is no much headway in the investigation.

The man with tearful eyes told the CNM correspondent that his life is totally doomed over such a great loss of earnings over the theft of lottery tickets. He owes a a great financial liability to his agent.

Further, he has to look after his own family consisting of his mother, wife and daughter. His life is totally derailed with no income derived from the sale of tickets. He is without a home of his own, said the desperate man.

He used to manage the whole household affairs from the meagre income he got from the sales of tickets, he said. But, with the cruel deed of a person, his life is now at stake, said Shekhar.

The journey of Shekhar across the city continues with the hope that he would get back the money for his lost tickets.


AV George   Commissioner of Police , Kozhikode City 

On hearing the sad plight of Shekhar,  Calicut New Media News  Director M.Rajesh called up  City Police Commissioner A V George   and brought to his notice the travails and trauma of a hapless visually challenged person in the city who lost his entire savings and survival.

With the checking of CCTV footage in nearby places, the Police could have easily booked the culprits, with the help of the social media also, the CNM Editor told the Police Chief.

A V George assured that he would personally look into the matter and bring the culprits into book.

In a similar incident occurred in Thiruvananthapuram in June last, the Thiruvananthapuram city police nabbed a man who stole lottery tickets from a blind man within hours after the theft. Sunil Kumar, a habitual offender, who stole a bunch of lottery tickets from a blind lottery agent at KSRTC Terminal at Thampanoor was nabbed by the police soon after the robbery.

The theft was caught on surveillance camera installed at the terminal. After receiving the complaint, the police released the video through their social media page, which instantly became viral. By 8 pm, the government railway police identified the accused as Sunilkumar, who is ‘specialised’ in stealing valuables from the luggage of train passengers. He was an accused in at least three cases registered by the railway police and had even been arrested and jailed in connection with those cases. He was caught from near Thampanoor post office later in the night.




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