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If essential things are available,police need not guard empty streets

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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has assured no one in the state will have to go in starvation as Covid 19 lock down intensified.It is a good idea.

However, the mobility of essential goods especially  vegetables has been affected due to the lock down and police action in borders.

And,price hike is also being reported in the time of crisis.

Chief Minister had assured 15  kilogram  free rice and groceries to ration card holders.

However,the civil supplies department has not begun the free rice distribution through ration outlets.

Many people depend neighbouring shops for essential items.

However, many small shops in villages are in the verge of closure as commodities are out of stock.

They are unable to shop more since police disrupt such move.

No Mobile Civil Supplies stores have been operated,yet.

Promises are plenty. But,in practical it’s very difficult to implement.

When people go out for essential goods,police shout at them,beat them and threaten legal action.

Majority of Keralites stay at home,realizing the seriousness of the situation.

Nobdoy will take risk if they get all emergency support form the authorities.

Many firms opted out Works at Home.Still,in remote villages and semi-urban places where there is no online food supply system,normal life is badly affected..

People largely depend small shops and groceries for their daily needs.

Government ensure free flow of essential goods to these shops and civil supplies outlets.

Ward level committees and community food prepation will lead to further complication of the situation and the great idea of social distancing will be violated. The need  of the hour is to implement mobile distribution system of essential goods.

Can people survive without food?

Can the police drop out all essential items to everyone’s doorsteps?

  • Things to be followed to avoid people’s entry in towns

Police should join hands with local body authorities to ensure the distribution of essential goods and emergency medicines to people. This will reduce people’s outings. Police need not be strained in this regard. A collection center should be arranged to collect medical prescriptions and medicine lists.

Otherwise, police will threaten  and even beat genuine people who travel for medicines and essential things ( as we wrote previously).

Police should have sense and sensibility to identify genuine people and silly wanderers.

Police need not spend on roads the whole  day and night to check vehicles,if people get sufficient food and medicines.

It is certain,people will stay home to make themselves and their family and society safe and healthy if they get all necessary support from the government.

If everything is perfect, police can take strict action against the people who go out for nothing important. Without ensuring essential services to the public police action will invite public ire.

Police and authorities should give priority to the free-flow of food and medicine distribution.






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