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Kozhikode techies develop app to track Covid-19

 Mobile APP- ‘’DECODE19’’ that can assist the police and health departments to monitor and control in order to facilitate social distancing and other health services during the outbreak of Covid-19-say Jineesh V and Shilpa  Chandrasekharan

Decode-19 can be used by three groups of people (The Public, Police and Health departments). At the initial stage, all the people have to get registered with this app by providing all their details including (Name, age, travel record  after January 2020, health conditions and their existing symptoms which can be updated if required. According to the data given by the person, the system determines whether the person needs to be quarantined or needs any other medical attention.

This record stored by the app is available for both Police and health departments to monitor and control the people who require quarantine and the ones who are in quarantine.

The two main aims of Decode19 are:

# To help the police department to control SOCIAL DISTANCING on a high scale by tracking every necessary detail of a commuter to tackle the lockdown period. The details accessible for the police of a registered person are Name, Age, Travel details of abroad if any, Isolation Status if any, Cases Reported on Violation of Lockdown period if any.

# Health department officials like Health Inspectors, doctors, and other representatives can TRACK & REPORT LIVE DATA of people with covid19 Symptoms. ( It also facilitates checking the status like how many people are safe, who needs attention and isolation. ) It also assists the Health Department to get INSTANT NOTIFICATION of who are registered with high symptoms of covid19.

“We strongly believe that Decode19 can provide immense support for the Kerala Government to control the social and health conditions of the people during the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic.

Our aim is to stand with the Kerala government in this fight by suggesting to implement Decode19 in Kerala.”say the techies from Kozhikode.

Jineesh, a technical expert  belongs to Peringavu,Ramanattukara in Kozhikode and Shilpa,an HR professional, hailing from Pavangad in Kozhikode.

They have submitted their project to Kerala Chief Minister , Health ministerand Kerala Police.


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