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State to take over DM WIMS,Wayanad?

Dr.Azad Moopen claims he got prompt response from the state government and the state would appoint a review committee to study its feasibility
The 250 crore of the investment of DM WIMS Medical College and other educational institutions will be donated to the Kerala Government by Dr. Azad Moopan’s family.
The objective of this proposal is to support the local government to improve the health care and medical education of the backward district of Wayanad through the acquisition of medical, nursing, pharmacy colleges and provide with proper infrastructure.
The DM WIMS has been established by Dr. Moopan and has been working for the past 10 years, to strengthen the efforts to provide quality health care to a district of nearly 10 million people, mainly tribal and lower income groups.
After the government-appointed committee submits the report within 3 weeks, the final terms and conditions of the matter will be outlined.
 The DM Education and Research Foundation (DMERF), likely to transfer the DM WIMS Medical College, Nursing, Pharmacy Colleges and allied educational institutions to the Government of Kerala, will hold further discussions to approve the transfer’s terms and conditions. 
The decision comes in response to the government’s decision to establish a new medical college in the last 7-8 years as a necessity of this period to address the challenges faced by its people due to the local shortage of modern health care facilities under the government sector.  Already, two batches of MBBS graduates have successfully completed the course and will be handed over to DMERF, which will address the needs of the government.  
 DMERF Trust established DM WIMS Medical College and its affiliates in Wayanad 10 years ago with the objective of helping the backward communities in the district.  The Charitable College of Medical Sciences has 150 seats.
  A total of 14 lakh sq. ft. Institutions include 700 bed super speciality hospital, 100 bed speciality hospital, one pharmacy college and one nursing college to help train local health care professionals.
 “As a mountainous area with a population of 10 lakh people, with limited access to social infrastructure, DM WIMS Medical College has done a tremendous amount of work in addressing the health care needs of the people of the district,” said Dr. Azad Moopan, Managing Trustee of DMERF.  If a new medical college comes under the government, it will require substantial investment in the area and will take at least 5 years to become operational.  We believe that DM WIMS can meet the government’s requirements.  Therefore, we feel that it is not necessary to establish another medical college to meet the needs of the existing population of the area.  We also feel that it is important to join hands with the government in providing support to deserving local communities.  
Dr Azad Moopan said he was delighted to announce that a total of Rs 250 crore will be donated from the total investment in these institutions to help the poor people in the hilly terrain district.  Dr Azad Moopen said he would like to thank Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shailaja  for promptly responding to the proposal and forming a committee to review the details.  He also appealed to the government to retain the existing employees who have been working in these institutions for many years and have been instrumental in its growth.
 Dr. Azad  has claimed that he dedicated 20% of his personal wealth to philanthropic work.  The DMERF was established under his leadership with a view to addressing the lack of skilled medical professionals who are one of the major challenges facing the healthcare sector in India.
 DMERF has been set up with the aim of providing quality education to the underprivileged people of Wayanad and providing medical education to deserving students, not for profit.  Over the last several years, these institutions have been instrumental in providing quality health care to remote areas of the mountain region through a number of health care missions and humanitarian interventions.  The DM Health Care’s Aster Volunteers Program recently transferred 100 Aster Homes to people affected by the floods, and is currently in the process of building another 150 Aster Homes.  The Aster Volunteers and Family Trust is involved in many philanthropic activities in 7 countries through health care and humanitarian interventions.  Currently these organizations are actively working with the local community to help them cope with the Covid 19 epidemic.

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