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22 Pravasis return to their homes after completing their observation.

22 Non-Resident Keralites who were staying at Government Covid Care Centers for 14 days under observation returned to their homes, today. 22 people from Chathamangalam NIT Campus Management Studies hostel returned to their homes from Friday morning 9am.  The 26 people who arrived on the night of May 7th at Kozhikode airport by Dubai Airplane were shifted to observation camps by early morning of 8th of May. Out if these, 22 are being sent back home.
The people who came to take the emigrants under observation back to their homes were given proper directions from authorities earlier. People were asked to arrive in their personal vehicles wearing N95 masks along with gloves and sanitizers with them. The information about the emigrants, the drivers who took them and the number of the vehicles were registered by the  health workers. They were all given numbers from 1- 22 and were set off in accordance to it. One vehicle was allowed to go at a time.
The people returning home will stay under quarantine in their homes for another 14 days. After that they can attain a certificate of completion of observation through the nearest PHC. 
The health inspector said that the conditions under which the quarantined patient should be kept at home was properly directed to the people in the house of the emigrants through phone call. Also, the arrival of the emigrants are informed to the area’s medical officer and health inspectors. The emigrants were given the buckets mugs and other essentials that they used in the COVID care centers to take back home with them. The beds they used will be changes and after 24 hours of their exit, the rooms will be sanitized with the help of Fireforce.
The people under observation were given mental health services. They were given BSNL sim cards. The people celebrating Ramdan were given the required facilities. People who use regular medicines were provided with the required medicines. Also they were given the service of a doctor and a nurse, 24 hours a day. Six  volunteers worked in the centre. More than 30 volunteers and health workers worked outside the centre it’s proper working.
Chathamangalam VHSC Medical Officer P S Sunil Kumar, Health inspector PV Surendran, Camp Charge Officer KC Hashid, Junior Health Inspectors VS Hrithik, NP Abhimanyu, VV Krishnan Namboothiri controlled the sending off of the emigrants.

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