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4 more COVID 19 cases in the district

4 more COVID 19 cases in the district

Four more residents of Calicut district confirmed with COVID positive today (23.05.20). A lady health worker at Thalassery  General Hospital and resident of Chombala (48), another staffer at the same hospital belongs to Madappally (53), Orkkateri resident who arrived from China on 21st May (56), Balussery Vattoli resident (29), who was working as nurse at a private Mumbai,  arrived from the New Delhi- Thiruvananthapuram train are the people confirmed positive.
The first two people were on duty in Thalassery Gerneral Hospital and are now admitted at Kannur District. The Orkateri resident (56) reached at Kozhikode Lakshdweep Guest house at first line treatment center on may 21st and is currently being treated there. The Vattoli resident arrived at Calicut Medical College directly after reaching and is currently under treatment there.
Currently, there are 11 COVID patients from Kozhikode in the District Medical College and 4 people at COVID First Line treatment center. 5 people are at Kannur District. Overall there are 20 COVID cases from Kozhikode District. Also 2 cases from Malappuram, one each from Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad are under treatment at Kozhikode Medical College.
6444 under observation

6444 people under observation in the district. 26,351 people completed their observation period.
Emigrants under observation: 964

The District Medical Officer Dr Jayashree V informed the arrival of 709 more people under observation today making a total of 6444 people under observation for covid 19. A total number of 26,351 people completed their observation period in the district. The Hospital has a total of 74 patients at observation out of which 18 arrived today. Out of these, 52 people are at medical College and 22 are at COVID First Line treatment center at Kozhikode Lakshdweep Guest house. 13 people from medical College and 2 people from COVID First Line treatment center were discharged.
Samples sent for testing
92 samples were sent for testing today. A total of 3506 samples have been sent for testing and 3328 results have been confirmed. Out if these 3277 are negative. 178 sample results are yet to be received.

The district has a total of 964 emigrants under observation including the 90 people who arrived today. Out of these 377 are at District Covid care centers and 564 are under home isolation. 23 are at the hospital under observation.

The Health minister conducted a video vonference to look upon the District’s preventive measures ofCof 19 and future arrangements. The meeting included people like DMO Dr. Jayasree V, Medical College Principal Dr. VR Rajendran, DPM Dr. A Naveen. The Health Sector Director reviews the functions of District Corona Control Cell.

In the presence of District Medical Officer, a meeting of District Programme officers’was conducted in which Block level resistance activities were judged.
To reduce the mental stress, Mental Health Helpline gave councelling to 7 people today.100 people were given service for reducing mental stress. 2111 social workers went to 6981 houses for awareness.

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