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Air fare hike;pravasi community in protest mode

Pravasi community in the Middle East is in a protest mode since the air carriers hiked fare unprecedentedly ,recently.Many expatriate people are extending their travel to home due to the huge hike in air-fare.

The price hike in Dubai-Kozhikode,Sharjah-Kozhikode,Oman-Kochi,Dubai-Thiruvananthapuram,Doha-Kozhikode,Doha-Kochi,Riyadh-Kochi,Muscat-Kochi sector has badly hit gulf employees from Kerala.

Indigo,Air-India,Air-Arabia,Spice Jet flights are major air travel service providers in the Gulf-Karala region.

In a period between June to September these flight operators demand the United Arab Emirates Dirham ( AED) 3,500 for a back and forth  itinerary  in Kerala sector.This amount is equal to around INR 66,529. 

Ticket rate in Kannur-Middle East segment is much higher than the  above.

This is a huge amount as far as an ordinary gulf employee is concerned.

The number of gulf employees who are privileged with many facilities such as company travel offer is comparatively, meagre.

Majority of expatriate people are bearing their travel cost and other expenses by themselves. This will lead to huge dip in their hard- earned foreign currency.

Pravasi Organization coordinators from Kerala expressed their ire and decided to move along with various types of agitations to open the eyes of air transport companies.

Randeep Madathil,a Pravasi organization co-coordinator in Dubai , Malabar Pravasi Association has said,”

Expatriate organization members are coming out against the injustice of airline companies. We will organise open protests to register our grievance. Low-income groups and middle class gulf employees suffer due to the fare-hike. All pravasi organisations will join in the agitation.”

Other Pravasi organisations like MME,Kollam Pravasi  Koottayma (Collective)  have  also expressed their concern.

Aju Vasantha Kumar  ,another pravasi,who coordinates Kollam Pravasi Koottayma has said “It is unfortunate that the airline authorities are increasing the rate in short intervals that too in  huge difference. “

Tourism industry in Kerala and Dubai has also been hit by the airfare hike.


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