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Air India flight’s tyre burst : What went wrong at Karipur Airport ?

The Director General of Civil Aviation sought report from the Air India on the bursting and emergency landing , immediately after the take-off ,of a Dubai-bound flight at Karipur International Airport,yesterday. 
DGCA flights section asked for the report.
The Airport Authority had handed over a preliminary report on Monday itself.
The incident occured on Monday when the flight tried to fly from the run away,a part of engine damaged and tyre burst out.
The flight had a miraculous escape.
The plane started flying only after the safety inspection of the engineering department.
However,when the flight moved up to 600 miles in the run away,the left engine got damaged.
Smoke came out from the engine along with  some engine materials. 
The pilot operated the right engine and made the flight under control.The tyre burst out at this time after crashing with run way lights.
The engineering wing could not identify the technical complication during their routine inspection.
The department will seek support from expert engineers and then only the final report will be submitted to DGCA.
Flight failures happened in Karipur after two year’s gap.
Meanwhile,the engine of the damaged flight could not replace on Tuesday.
The substitute engine and engineering wing to work on it,is to be coming from Mumbai.But,to bring the engine,here,service of huge plane is required.

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