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Ameba:a realistic approach

Film director Manoj Kana is taking films seriously.He has a clear cut vision of telling stories.His realistic approach ,however moves in a different angle.So,he is being faced by many obstacles from the industry,ruled by some film mafia.
His newly released Malayalam movie Ameba tells the story of the victims of endosulfan in Kasargode. It is an eye-opener to the government and the public.
“There is a lobby working against my movies. Theater owners who first consented to screen the movie changed their word later.We had to suffer lot in this regard.We don’t have a distribution company.All are our independent work.Some theaters who already screening the movie is deliberately keep away from publicity .Poster of the movie is seen no where,in the beginning.No government support is sufficient in independent movie-making in Kerala.Lack of fund,red-tap ism are still there in film development corporations.”-Manoj says.
Athmeeya who has a major role in this movie says she is happy to work with movies having a social relevance.It is her fourth movie.She has done few movies in Tamil too.
Priyesh Kumar,producer of the movie also attended the meet the press at the Calicut Press Club.

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