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Argentina fans disappointed:Munich beats Argentina (3-0)

It was an unlucky day for Argentina.The team lost many golden chances between lips and cup.Despite of an electrified fan’s ground support they sweat too much.Temperature?Fortune?or what made them lost?
It was the second day of Sait Nagji International Club football tournament held at Kozhikode corporation stadium.
Argentina coach Julio Olartocoechea says the team will improve much in next game.To TSV Munich coach, Daniel Beirofka it was an unexpected victory.
However, Calicut’s Argentina fans,it was a lost evening.They tried maximum to encourage their favorite team,especially in the second half.Argentina flags and bands didn’t help the team to overcome their trouble.
The team TSV 1860 Munich showed their gallantry through out the game,eliminating the remaining confidence on the part of their rival team and Calicut’s one of the favorite teams,Argentina.

Munich showed the sign of attack by winning their first goal in a penalty kick.It was in 17 th minute Felix Bachschmid who won the goal for the team.
First penalty shoot didn’t make goal.Felix Webers just missed it thanks to the good catch of the goal keeper,Facundo Ferrero. But,Felix Bachschmid just netted it in his kick.
In 21 minute Nicolas Andermatt of Munich made a quick move to make another goal,but didn’t get.
It was in 24th minute Simon Seferings netted the second goal.
After the first half Argentina team seemed to be recharged with confidence.They tried well.However,the rival goal keeper,Kai Fritz made their dream broken.Argentina made two or three great moves with super passes.
In the 77 minute,quite unexpectedly Munich made another brilliant goal.It was won by substitute Chrisitian Koeppel.

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