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Assembly poll-Kozhikode district at a glance


Total seat 13
LDF 10
Name of the constituencies:
8.Kozhikode North-LDF
9.Kozhikode South-UDF

While considering the political history and earlier election data, Kozhikode district has constant dominance of the left parties.
In the 2011 election the Left Democratic Front (LDF) won 10 seats out of 13.When the Muslim League secured at least three seats, the Congress party didn’t get a single seat.
The only hope the UDF side is the eroding votes percentage from the strong bastions of the LDF like Vatakara, Nadapuram constituencies.

History of Nadapuram
Nadapuram,currently known as a sensitive area infamous for political murders and bomb blasts had a great past of secularism,peaceful and loving co-existence among different communities, A shared and mutually trusted life of Nadapuram is now just a nostalgia for the elderly.
Unniyarachas’ valiant steps and bold actions are popular in Kadathanadan stories,kept by seniors.
Hindu-Nair community had a good rapport for long time.Even if it had not lost ,totally,political clashes were manipulated as communal issues,deliberately by certain political movements.

Most of the peace-loving people at Nadapuram blame political parties for making the harmonious village,a hub of political rivalry.

One of the strongholds of the CPI(M) ,the constituency has a wide jurisdiction. Unemployment among the youth, backwardness in health sector, women’s education, poor connectivity and lack of public transportation systems, drinking water shortage are major issues ,faced by this constituency.

Above all,the people of this region are extremely in need of a peaceful life. Pravasis who are working in the gulf countries are the backbone of Nadapuram economy.
Nadapuram grama panchayath also showed some sign of development and grabbed few awards.
Nadapuram has been ruling by the UDF and neighbouring panchayaths like Tuneri also is presently controlled by the UDF.
However, another red bastion Edacheri is a long time red fort, ruled for decades by the left.
Coconut farmers and paddy farmers are major agrarian community in this sector.
Environmental threat is another serious issue in this hilly region.
Hills are widely destroyed by soil mafia. This causes harm to the eco system. Political intervention is a major setback for taking strict action against land mafia.
In the last assembly polls,LDF candidate E.K.Vijayan of CPI retained the seat by a margin of 7546.
However,the majority showed a big drop ,comparing with earlier elections.
Binoy Viswom of CPI had a massive victory at a a margin of 17,449 in the 2006 assembly election.

Meanwhile,last Loksabha poll gave a hope for the UDF camp.
The first M.L.A in this historic constituency was CPI’s C.H.Kanaran who was elected in 1957 election. C.H.Kanaran defeated Congress candidate V.K.Kunhammad Haji by a a light margin of 3356.
In 2001 election Binoy Viswam of the LDF won the seat by a margin of 6193.

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