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Calicut expo : tax exemption in the name of charity

Calicut international expo is progressing at Swapnanagari,in Kozhikode.
Actually,the organizer approached the corporation authorities in the name of charity.However, there is no mention of the charity organisation in anywhere.

The council meeting has the document in which the authorities have exempted the expo team from entertainment tax.
In the very beginning itself, the organizers made news by illegally cutting down trees at Sarovaram area to install its huge exhibition pandal.

The organizers had to face ire from environmental activists.

for cutting down trees at the exhibition ground.Later days,Sreehari Menon,an advertising person who is in the forefront to organize the event  invited press people at the exhibition ground for a press briefing.However,the organizers were not ready to face the press. Amid,election schedules, few reporters turned up for the briefing.
Some of the senior reporters fed up with the organizer’s approach and boycotted the press meet.
Sreehari Nair conducted another press meet at the press club in which a woman journalist raised the issue of  charity.But,the organizers could not give a satisfactory report.

It is heard that the expo team got huge discount from the corporation by exempting from entertainment tax.

Charity is just a mask to get tax exemption.

council meet

The corporation lost a huge amount that to be credited in public accounts.
Meanwhile,there is another report that a muti-million hospital business team who is sponsoring this event.It’s ads are displayed at exhibition office .

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