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Auto Lords rule Nadapuram town


Nadapuram had been passenger-friendly town with well-behaving auto- taxi drivers for long time. Even at turmoil, the politically sensitive town showed compassion towards travellers in and around. Now, things have changed. Ruthless behaviour, self-declared over-pricing, and refusal of travel to some locations are new behaviour among few of the Nadapuram auto- drivers.

When you want to travel to TIM campus area, some of the auto drivers simply reject a trip by saying

“It is a narrow road. And, during peak hours this way follows one-way traffic.”

Some others would say like this “I need Rs. 40 as minimum to reach there.”

Actual price for this trip is just Rs.20. And the distance is far less than the minimum price of Rs.20.

Teachers, staff and students hire autos for their college/school trip in the morning. Malabar Arts and Science College for Women, TIM Higher Secondary School, TIM B.Ed Taining College are situated at this hilly road.

Nadapuram Panchayath mini indoor stadium is also situated at this route.

Road is very narrow and every traveller face hardships due to the poor condition of the road. Even if the road is too narrow, there is no travel ban on this road and many big cars and other vehicles move through this road.


One auto driver (picture enclosed) said openly;

”We are not ready to go that area. You ask some other auto drivers.”

And, passengers are compelled to beg all drivers standing in the queue to ensure one trip amid tight schedules.

If you question the driver, “Why don’t you refuse to go?’’ Aren’t you running a taxi service for the service of the public?”

The answer may be, “I need Rs 40 to drop you there.”

Meanwhile, some of these ‘over smart’ drivers engage in easy travel routes and encourage seven to nine students to MIM Higher Secondary School Perode.This route falls on Nadapuram-Thalassery main road.


“They are least bothered about passenger’s plights. Earn money in easy manners is their method. However, there are few dedicated auto drivers also at this place. They speak the language of co-operation, compassion and service.”-says Sreelekha KP, a teacher at a Nadapuram College.

A passenger had to undergo interviews from this auto lobby.

Another staff at this route says:

“Here some of the auto-drivers decide whether to go or not …actually, passengers have their rights.”

In public transport sector, Nadapuram region is suffering setbacks. People are solely depending private buses and taxis for travelling in remote places in this region.

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