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Ayurvedic industry gear up to tackle Covid impact on children

  • CNM Reporter

The Ayurvedic industry is gearing up for the much talked-about likely third wave of Covid-19. Around 1,500 practitioners of the ancient Indian form of medicinal treatment and healthcare, all set to discuss and share clinical experiences and case studies about Covid and post-Covid Ayurvedic treatment in pediatric cases.
The discussion would be held during a two-day conference starting July 11 to be organised by Kerala-headquartered Vaidyaratnam Group, an institution with deep roots in Indian Ayurveda. The event would be held as part of its Founder’s Commemoration Day ceremony.

The aim of the conference is to equip the entire industry to effectively deal with the pandemic
by adopting a uniform treatment protocol drawn from past experience.The online session will see pediatric experts from leading Ayurvedic institutes like All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), New Delhi, Government Ayurveda College, Kannur and National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, sharing clinical experience with case studies about the Ayurvedic management of Covid in children.
As per the latest studies, the third wave of Covid may affect the age group up to eighteen.
Addressing that issue with an Ayurvedic approach using substantial scientific evidences and
guidance from the experts will be the primary focus this year, said AshtavaidyanDr.E.T.Neelakandhan.Mooss,Director, Vaidyaratnam Group.
“The expected outcome of the seminar is to develop a treatment protocol in the Covid management of pediatric cases with an advice from the expert panel and have a scientific
approach towards Covid and post Covid management in adults,” he said. Vaidyaratnam is actively involved in prevention, Covid management and post covid management – including free post Covid out-patient (OP) and medications for patients in below poverty line (BPL)
Dr. Tanuja Nesari, Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda, an autonomous organisation under the ministry of Ayush will deliver the keynote address. She will explain the approach of AYUSH department towards the Covid management and measures taken to address the expected third wave which may affect infants and kids. Dr.Nesariwill also present research updates on topics like adult and pediatric – immunity, Covid management and post Covid management.
The ancient Indian healthcare system has played a key role during the first and second waves
of the pandemic in terms of treating mild to moderate cases of Covid. With the medical infrastructure in many parts of the country coming under stress during the second wave, the Ayurvedic industry, according to experts, will have a crucial role to play during the anticipated third wave.

Last month, the Ministry of Ayush came out with the detailed guidelines to deal with Covid
cases in children, stressing the need for preventive treatment (Prophylaxes). It is considered
as the most effective approach to protect children from this deadly virus.

About VaidyaratnamOushadhasala
VaidyaratnamOushadhasala is managed by the ThaikkatusseriEledathuThaikkatu Family, one
among the renowned Ashtavaidya families of Kerala. Ashtavaidyas are the physicians who
are masters of the eight branches of Ayurveda mentioned in classical texts. Every year, the
Vaidyaratnam group observes July 12 as its Founder’s Commemoration Day in memory of
Late Ashtavaidyan Padma Shri EledathThaikkattuNeelakandhanMooss who established the
institution in 1941. The group has an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical division, R&D, Ayurveda
hospital, Ayurveda medical college, Ayurveda Museum, Treatment centers and Clinics
located across India. It provides Ayurveda treatment and medicines across the length and
breadth of India through 2,000 centers and franchises.

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