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‘Beyond Words’ will conclude on September 1


More students and general public  are expected to turn up today. The organizers have provided facility to watch the exhibition until evening,September 1

Its worth watching. These news photographs not just tell you stories but most of them shake your heart, mind and soul.It is a journey of truth.News photography exhibition at Kozhikode Lalita Kala Academy Art Gallery,Mananchira attracts audience from different walks of life.,,,don’t miss it..



Around eighty news photographs captured by Calicut’s 40 press photographers are on display. The  exhibition will end on September 1.

The exhibition,jointly organized by Calicut Press Club,Photo Journalists, and  Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion   Society touches contemporary sentiments  in and around.Fearful face of flood and  landslide disasters, un-conditional  service offered by fellow beings during relief work ,funny and thoughtful anecdotes of day to day life,struggles of life and survival in a less pleasant world,adventures and action moves of sports and games heroes,power and politics in different angles,every day heroes of city life…

Some of them questions the existing system of injustice and inequality,plight of powerless in the  land of powers,and some sharp shots try to catch irresponsible mindsets of authorities who ignore public concern and create  pitiful situations.

Nature,natural colors,wonders of Nature and unusual shots of farming ground and walking field are portrayed,here.Unknown beggars and  popular celebrities are depicted on equal frames.

Some frames tell you human stories while some others guide you to the wild land of mists and miseries. shots of rain and eye- catching  scenes of beaches and pre-monsoon drought are not just sights but thought-provoking insights.Both rural and urban lives are portrayed in different gradients.

Football legend IM Vijayan inagurated the exhibition on Wednesday

Calicut Press Club president K.Premanath presided over the function.

Football legend IM Vijayan inagurated the exhibition on Wednesda.  KUWJ president Kamal Varadoor,Kerala Adventure Toursim Society CEO Maneesh Bhaskar felicitated . Exhibition convener  KV Sreejesh welcomed the gathering.Press Club Secretary C.Vipulnath expressed vote of thanks.

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