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Bi weekly Special Train Service between Pune and Ernakulam

Following special train services will be operated as detailed below:
1. The service of Train No.02051 Pune-Ernakulam Bi-Weekly Superfast Festival Special will leave Pune at 18.45 hrs.on Sundays and Wednesdays with effect from 27th December 2020 to 31st January 2021 and reach Ernakulam Junction at 18.50 hrs. on the next day.(11 Services)
Timings(Arrival/Departure)on Mondays and Thursdays 
  • Mangaluru Junction: 11.10/11.20 hrs.
  • Kasaragod: 12.04/12.05 hrs.
  • Kannur: 13.17/13.20 hrs.
  • Thalassery:13.39/13.40 hrs.
  • Kozhikode: 14.37/14.40 hrs.
  • Tirur:15.19/15.20 hrs.
  • Shoranur Junction:16.10/16.15 hrs.
2.The service of Train No.02052 Ernakulam-Pune Bi-Weekly Superfast Festival Special will leave Ernakulam at 05.15 hrs. on Tuesdays and Fridays with effect from 29th December 2020 to 02nd February 2021 and reach Pune at 05.50 hrs. on the next day.(11 Services)
Timings(Arrival/Departure) on Tuesdays and Fridays 
  • Shoranur Junction:07.15/07.20 hrs.
  • Tirur: 07.58/08.00 hrs.
  • Kozhikode : 08.37/08.40 hrs.
  • Thalassery:09.33/09.35 hrs.
  •  Kannur: 10.02/10.05 hrs.
  • Kasaragod:11.04/11.05 hrs.
  • Mangaluru Junction: 12.05/12.15 hrs.

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