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Bird’s Club’s plan to create tiny forests all over the country

  • CNM Reporter

The Bird’s Club and the Social Forestry Department of the Forest Department are teaming up to prepare a tiny forest all over the country. Bird Club International and the OTT platform Roothouse and the Forest Department’s community afforestation division are teaming up to set up small forests across the country.

The project, called Project Raingrove  is a joint venture between Roots Video and the Bird’s Club. The decision has been taken to distribute saplings across the state as part of the scheme.

The saplings are distributed completely free of charge under the leadership of the Bird’s Club. Those interested in acquiring tree saplings can approach the Birdhouse Club to pick up the saplings. Students, the public and organizations can register and receive these saplings. The saplings are distributed to those who register with the Bird’s Club.

The official inauguration of this year’s project will take place on June 5, Environment Day. The seedlings can be delivered anywhere in Kerala by contacting the numbers and email of the Bird Club.

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