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Bus strike on Friday

Private buses in the state will go for an indefinite strike from February 16 onward demanding further hike in bus fare.
Various organizations of bus owners have decided to keep buses off from the road,demanding further hike,including students’ concession rate.
Kozhikode District Private Bus Operators Association secretary Tulsidas has said that all bus operators organizations are joining in the strike.

“Bus owners main demand , now is the hike in students concession rate.”-he said

Presently students concession is Rs.1.The demand of bus owners is Rs.5.

Bus fare hike of Rs.1 was approved by the state government ,the other day and March onward the new minimum rate of ordinary bus service  is Rs.8 instead of Rs.7.The fare of fast passenger buses is Rs.11, up from Rs.10.


Roughly,14,400 private buses are operating in Kerala.In Kozhikode district alone the number is  around 1,400. Kozhikode district stands top in the number of private buses.

Bus owners Association sources said that Minister for Transportation was ready to  talk and discuss the matter .But,they didn’t get any confirmation of the date of talk.

The owners are in firm stand in the case of students’ concession.

If the minister convenes a talk on Friday and reaches to consensus ,the strike will be withdrawn and bus services will be resumed by Saturday.

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