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Calicut News in Brief

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Dummy ballot paper and dummy ballot units can be used in compliance with the conditions to make voters aware of the candidates and political parties. Dummy ballot paper should not be similar in size and color to the original ballot paper. The Election Commission has fixed white ballot papers for Grama Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations, sky blue for District Panchayats and pink for Block Panchayats. Dummy ballot paper can be printed in all colors except white, blue and pink. There is no impediment for a candidate to print dummy ballot paper with his own name and symbol to indicate where his name will appear on the ballot paper. The names and symbols of other candidates contesting in the same constituency may not appear. Dummy ballot units that are half the size of the original ballot units and made of wood or plywood can be used. It should not be the color of the actual ballot units.
Covid vaccine: Health workers should be informed

Arogya Keralam  District Program Manager said that the information of all the health workers in the private hospitals, laboratories and scanning centers in the district regarding the distribution of Covid vaccine should be made available by 5 pm on December 5. A format for data collection has been sent to all institutions. Heads of institutions where the format is not available should contact immediately. Excel sheets and instructions for recording information are available on the nhmkozhikode blog. Download the format from and send it to For more information: 7594001442

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