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Calicut’s most favorite milk shake

You don’t have a chair and table to drink your favorite juice items at Kalanthans. But,people stand under the shades of the trees,nearby.  They even wait for their turn for few minutes ,without any complaints, there.


Kalanthan’s  near by Mananchira Central Library has been a traditional name in Calicut’s juice stalls. And the customers include shoppers from S.M.Street,visitors of the library and students from city colleges. And, many travelers from other places.

Kalanthan’s juice shop is said to be the origin of well-known Sharja Shake,one of the favorite juice brands of Malayalis all over the world. Even if Kalanthan Haji  is no more now,the trust he established through out his business  is still relevant.

Kalanthan Haji proved that there is no substitute for honesty ,simplicity and sincerity in business. His  business policy bore fruit  with his humble beginning just as a sarbath seller.He used to sell sarbath at a shop near Moideen Pally as a partnership business. Gradually,he moved to his own shop at Mananchira.

“People’s faith is the prime element in  business success. Whatever comfort you arrange to attract your customers,especially in the case of juice shops and soft drinks,here in Kozhikode,people first think  certain shops,without bothering their style or convenience.”-say customers of Kalanthans.

It was in 1990’s Kalanathan Haji began his experiment  on milkshakes and juices.

There is a story behind Sharja Shake:  

It was during a Sharja cricket match.One youth,who was watching cricket from the neighboring shop, asked Kalanthan Haji for a juice.


Haji served him a juice which contained bournvita, njalippoovan and milk. After enjoying the amazing taste,the youth asked what was the name of the juice.

Kalanthan Haji didn’t get a name quickly. Some how, he said, thanks to the cricket spirit,’Sharja shake

Since then Sharja Shake has been a favorite brand among Keralites.

“Our customers can see what we are doing. Transparency is the basic of trust in business. Bappa (father) used to say -” follow  quality maintenance,strictly” . His sincere  efforts made fame to this shop”-says Usman, Kalanthan Haji’s son, who is running the shop now.



The Mercury has recorded high in the city even after the intermittent light showers . Humidity also increased in the city. So,the rush at the shop is being increased.Queues of vehicles are normal sight here. The city travelers will search for a parking lot near by the shop. The staff at the shop will serve you if you want to stay and zip the juice along with your friends and family inside.




K.Raja Gopal,Dinup S.R

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