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Californian IT Company shows record growth in UL Cyberpark

  • CNM Reporter

 The Indian Development Centre of California-based IT company ‘Retailcloud’ turned the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to make great strides. The center, which started operations in Kozhikode UL Cyberpark with five people three years ago, today employs 25 skilled IT professionals. Kevin Colaco, the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer said 20 more people would soon join the UL Cyberpark team.

Retailcloud‌ is gearing up for the third phase of growth after launch. It has moved on to a larger office in the UL Cyberpark itself. Kevin Colaco commented that the support and services received from the UL Cyberpark has been instrumental in the growth of Retailcloud. The choice of the UL Cyberpark for the India Development Centre has turned fruitful. Even during the Covid crisis, the team tried to expand by using the work-from-home options without excluding anyone, he added.

The growth of the company has also given new hope to the retail and restaurant sectors to overcome the Covid-19 related slump through their cloud-based IT solutions to increase and facilitate business sales. RetailCloud’s clientele includes over 25 professional sports teams, high profile events like Grammys and notable fashion brands.

Retailcloud is a cloud based retail point of sale solution for Android and Windows that provides business of all sizes access to tablet, windows and phone solutions with the help of integrated API to ERP and e-commerce systems. It‌ also provides retailers with the services they need to increase sales, manage inventory better, and collect valuable information about customers’ shopping habits. They develop and distribute a number of handy tools for various purposes such as business, retail, restaurants, mobile apps, software tools and plugins, integration and a few free apps which helps to keep in touch with the key indicators and inventory scanners

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