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Canoly canal;survey to begin soon-DC UV Jose

“Repairing works and beautification of Canoli canal is my next priority.”-said Kozhikode district collector UV Jose.

“We will revise the project and  re-submit  again , in  a comprehensive manner”, he said. A survey to identify the potential of the Canoli Canal will be taken ,soon said district collector U.V.JOSE.

He was addressing the media people at his chamber ,today.

Somebody engaged in spreading fake information on the issue.

After the renovation work of the canal ,the district’s tourism sector will   have many potentials.

“Another urgent measure is to solve the garbage issue at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital.For this,the district administration is seeking the support of the city corporation ,since the hospital is being part of the Corporation limit.

“Actually,the college is an independent g government wing. But,it is a public property and every citizen has to play a role in solving the waste problem.”-he said.

Commenting on Mananchira-Vellkimadukunnu project, the collector said 50 crore Rupees have been sanctioned. By next week,we will demand Rs 75 crore also.

The remaining  dispute is between the merchants and the governments.Their issues would be addressed,separately-he said.

The students protest in front of Mrkaz,he said regarding with the recognition of their courses.

The institute spread misleading advertisement on their courses . But,they gave genuine prospectus and certificates.

The concern of the government is the future of 450 students who completed the course.

There is a pressure  to get their courses approved for this students,alone.

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