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Change is everywhere… Who will score?

Change is the popular word in the local body polls.Most often this is heard at left-dominating backward panchayaths and Kozhikode  Corporation and UDF bastions like Malappuram.

Despite of  the party politics, many people believe  change  as a persuasion factor in local bodies.

But,the question is :

Who will score in the change factor?

When CNM contacted some young voters in various parts of the district change was there in their mind.

Many are well-aware of the backwardness due to poor administration by  various fronts.

“A large number of youth believe that change will be in favor of BJP. Both the Congress and CPM will lose its dominance in grass root level and a new wave of change is taking place thanks to the emergence of many youths campaigning for BJP candidates .Most of these trends are reported in red forts like Edacheri,Tuneri,Purameri,and Kunnummal panchayaths.”-says an auto driver,requesting anonymity  at Edacheri.

He adds,”Our people are cheated.CPM is ruling this panchayath since the emergence of panchayathiraj system. Each year they promise better development.But,nothing happened.Roads are in dilapidated condition.You see Edacheri-Iringannur road.Drinking water problem has not yet solved.Street lights are dysfunctional for months.Common men get no benefit unless he is  a party worker or sympathizer.”

“All government aided welfare schemes are centralized by party machinery.Nobody is there to question it because the left has thumping majority in the panchayath .There are name sake opposition members from the UDF who keep silence during crisis.The left is threatening all other party workers.However,the youth of today is not slaves of the party barons.”-he said.

There are undercurrents in these red bastions where the Congress party has lost its grip in grass root level.The party has only office bearers .there is no booth level party machinery to compete with other major parties.The Muslim league on the other hand has ground level presence,even if rebel candidates pose threat in some constituencies.

Selection of left party’s  candidates at some constituencies  also invited criticism from party circle itself.All these elements may reflect in the outcome of the result.

But ,CPM party workers do not feel it as a threat because they have firm believe in their majority.

“Even if slight changes happen,it may affect the winning margin alone.”-said Anil Kumar.C, a party worker.

Similar undercurrents are happening at Tuneri,Purameri and Nadapuram.

(to be continued)


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