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City development-focus on reality -seminar

Calicut has a lot of possibilities for development, most of the time it is overlooked. The seminar discussed that emotional interruption was the reason for the development being held back. As a part of the celebration of the second anniversary of state government, held at Calicut beach, seminar on the topic – “City Development: Possibilities and Challenges” was conducted.

 The development according to the tastes of Calicut are not being undertaken. The possibilities in the sports and tourism sectors are not being used and thus they are challenging the development of the city. 
There is a belief that food is the only development of Calicut. Hospitals are also increasing abundantly.  Tourism according to the city’s nature should be understood and established. The seminar also stated that development is not only the work of government but also is the contribution of every single citizen..
Former Regional Town Planner G. Sasikumar, N.I.T. Asst. Prof. K Chithra,Regional Town Planner K.V. Abdul Malikh, Deputy Town Planner Dr. Athira Ravi, Assistant Town Planner Preeja Padmanabhan also gave their speech.

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