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Clash at inter-zone venue;six injured

Finally,the curtain fall of the Calicut University inter-zone festival lost its charm. Clash between two groups of students, painted a gloomy picture at the venue.
MSF alleged SFI students for attacking them as the result of a past revenge , during the university B-Zone festival.
The clash originated between Devagiri SFI students and Farook MSF students.
Farook College is nearing to over -all championship.The team won 166 point.St.Joseph’s College,Devagiri is expected to be the runners-up with 120 points.
The car belonged to Farook College principal ,in which some of the students were travelling with an injured student to hospital was blocked on Wayanad Road and broken its glasses. Six students belonged to Farook College injured in the incident.The Nadakkavu police rushed to the spot.
Meanwhile the over all champions, Farook College team has stated that they won’t accept the trophy in protest against the brutal attack by the organizers.
SFI is the organizers of the union arts fest.

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