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Coronavirus;treasuries told to go online

The district treasury officer in Kozhikode said that in case of the spread of Covid 19, the treasuries should co-operate by conducting transactions online to control the number of customers. Annual mustering (life certificate) of pensioners can be done online through web portals like ‘Jeevan Praman’.

For those who have difficulty in mustering online, it is sufficient to send a life certificate signed by the Gazetted Officer by post or e-mail. Direct life mustering procedures have been suspended in the treasuries.
For information on income tax, you can register on the web portal ‘’ and collect information. Application for Form 16 can be submitted by post or e-mail. The address and e-mail address of the treasury are available on the web portal. Applications for membership in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) should be mailed only along with supporting documents. Applications will be reviewed and information will be communicated to the applicant by telephone. It is sufficient for the applicant to appear in person at the Treasury only after receiving such notice.

Challans can be paid online through the e-Treasury website. Web address ‘’. Applications for assistance from the Spark Help Center will only be accepted by mail or e-mail. Doubts can only be investigated by telephone.

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