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Counting of votes at JDT Islam;preparation in full swing

Result of general elections in India will be declared on May 23.
Counting of votes will be held on May 23 at various centres in the country.
In Kozhikode, Vellimadukunu JDT Islam School is the counting centre. Counting will begin at 8 am.

Counting of Vatakara and Kozhikode parliament constituency is arranged at JDT.

Fifteen tables have been arranged at JDT.

Votes from fourteen assembly constituencies and postal votes will be held in fifteen halls in JDT. Fourteen tables

are set ready to undergo the task.

In each table,there will be a micro observer and constituency supervisor.

For the purpose of counting postal votes from Vatakara,Kozhikode constituencies ,there will be six tables.

Military votes are also segregated and counted in 10 tables,arranged for Vadakara and Kozhikode constituencies.

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