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COVID 19: 147 new positive coronavirus cases in Kozhikode

Covid confirmed to 147 more cases in the district today (August 18) as informed by District Medical Officer said. Out of these, three came from abroad and two from other states. 135 people were infected through contact. The source of seven cases is not clear. Within the limits of Kozhikode Corporation 55 people contracted the disease, 49 in Chorode, seven in Vadakara, nine in Thamarassery and eight in Chekkiad. With this, the number of Kozhikode residents undergoing treatment reached 1330.
Those who came from abroad:
Nadapuram native(26)
Vadakara native (29)
Vanimel native (38)
Those who came from other states:
Kozhikode Corporation Guest Worker (43)
Chekkat native (29)
Those with unknown source:
Kozhikode Corporation natives (26,69 Areekada, Nadakkavu)
Thamarassery natives (24,25)
Chorode native (female) (73)
Chorode native (male)(48)
Kakkur native (56)
Positive Cases Through Contact:
Chekkyad natives (male)(34,3,4,7,10)
(Female) (2,55,31)
Chorode natives (male)(45,72,28,6,26,42,54,48,62,49,40,30,61,55,31,39,39,38,37,40,7,65)
(Female)(15,23,65,49,10,32,44,60,27,29,49,44,42,85,55,47,37,18,56,15,47,12,58,38, 17)
Payyoli native (32)
Kakkodi natives (37,62)
Nadapuram native(61)
Kodancherry native (female) (25)
Mukkam native (female)(29)
Perumanna native(47)
Koduvalli native (70)
Vanimel native (20)
Vanimel native (female)(52)
Omassery native (24)
Perambra native (15)
Thamarassery natives (47,20,14)
Thamarassery natives (female) (8,2,30,37)
Peruvayal native (female) (39)
Vadakara natives (female)(45,25,20,20)
Vadakara natives (45,20,27)
Kozhikode Corporation Residents (male) (62,31,25,45,52,67,32,12,46,28,37,37,35,39,75,4,50,17,51,40,39,30,5,68,39,20,23,52,17,36)
Kozhikode Corporation Residents (female)
(Residents of Vellayil, Payyanakkal, Mukhadar, Iringannur, Nallalam, Easthill Puthiyangadi, Areekadu, Chakkumkadavu, Kottaparambu, Nallalam, Nadakkavu, Kommeri, Nellikode, Karuvisseri, Kunduparambu, Pallikandi)
Brief information
Kozhikode natives undergoing treatment with confirmed disease – 1330
Kozhikode Medical College – 306
Govt. General Hospital – 99
Lakshadweep Guest House FLTC – 146
Kozhikode NIT FLTC – 176
Farouk FLTC – 82
NIT Mega FLTC – 116
AWH FLTC – 116
Maniyoor Navodaya FLTC – 144
NIT – Nile FLTC – 25
Other Private Hospitals – 79
Kozhikode natives undergoing treatment in other districts – 11
(Malappuram – 9, Kannur – 1, Palakkad – 1)
People from other districts undergoing treatment in Kozhikode district – 118

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