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Covid-19 crisis in job sector; Kerala PSC last grade rank holders protest for job

  • CNM City Reporter

Kerala PSC last grade rank holders have been on protest mode for the last 25 days. They have been undergoing  relay Sathyagraha(fast) infront of  Kozhikode Collectorate .

Covid-19 has made most of the job-seeking youths’ lives miserable. Their long time dream was to grab any government job. As their hard work and dedication paid  off and some of them  scored well in one of the  highly competitive Kerala  PSC exams,their next hope was an appointment order from the PSC.

However,things turned upside down when the state recruiting agency took out its adamant stand  to curb postings from the  rank lists without much evaluations of the current situation including job vacancies.

According the rank holders ,roughly 11% of the vacancies are filled, so far and the current rank list would expire within five months  and few days.

They demand speed up of filling of the appointments,especially in the time of coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time there are continuous allegations of nepotism and backdoor appointment in Kerala PSC. The protesting job seekers point out such illegal appointments have lost their hopes.

Most of these protesters are good rank holders.They are just missing their chance to get accommodated in government departments.


M.K.Raghavan MP inaugurated a protest march on Monday.

The strikers said their chance to get in the government department will lose once the rank list cancelled. According to them no proper appointments have been done in the last grade post.The rank holders took their plight to both the ruling and opposition fronts alike.  But,so far,no supportive decision has been taken.Finally,they




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