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Covid-19 situation worsened;may move to total lock down in districts where highest cases reported

  • CNM Special Correspondent

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today said that Covid-19 situation in Kerala is getting worsened.He cautioned that if things are continuing like this,the state may move to total lock down in districts where Covid-19 surge is reported.

In districts where highest number of Covid-19 positive cases are reported frequently,more curbs will be implemented.Shops and service dealing essential goods alone will be opened in such places. Hotels and restaurants are allowed to open only to provide parcel service.Home delivery is permitted-he added.

Oxygen war rooms will be installed in all districts and there will be a state level oxygen war room.

People are advised not to move around on Saturdays and Sundays. However,people can travel if emergency situation demands,so.

The CM suggested people to wear double masks.

“It is better to wear double masks to protect yourself from coronavirus. One surgical mask and one cloth mark can be used.”- he said.

The functioning of both the central and state government offices will be minimized.Essential services alone will be operated.

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