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Covid 19 spread:  People should be extremely careful – warns DMO

Kozhikode District Medical Officer Dr Jayashree V stated that people should be extra vigilant as more Covid cases are being reported from different parts of the district. The district health department has issued guidelines on what people must follow so as to reduce the spread.
Only go out for essentials. Travelling should be avoided as much as possible.  The district medical officer also said that crowded situations should be avoided.
Pregnant women, children and senior citizens should not leave their homes.  Masks should be worn in public places and workplaces to completely cover the nose and mouth.  Hands should be cleaned frequently with soap or sanitizer.  Traders and the public should take care to ensure social distance between crowded markets and business establishments.  The instructions by the health workers should be strictly followed.
 When an area is found to be highly contagious, the most effective and scientific way to prevent it is to declare an area as a containment zone and impose restrictions.  The restrictions currently implied in certain places are temporary.  The aim is to prevent the spread of the disease to more people and areas by minimising travel and contact between people.  The full cooperation of the people of the area is essential to achieve this.  Contact should be avoided not only outside the area but also within the area itself.  Special care should be taken in the case of children, the elderly and pregnant women in the home.
 Follow the instructions of the Department of Health:
  Visits to neighbouring houses and relatives within the Containment Zone should also be strictly avoided.
 Involvement of children and young people in outside activities can adversely affect the stopping of the spread.  Such activities should be strictly avoided.  Except for those working in the emergency services, no one should go out for work.  People should co-operate with the tests conducted by the health department to detect the spread of the disease.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  The medical officer also said that in case of any symptoms like fever, sore throat and shortness of breath, they should inform the local health workers or call 1056, 0471 2552056, Direct number, District Corona control cell numbers 04952376063 and 2371471 and follow their instructions.

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