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‘Covid-19:Provide online learning facility for children in hilly regions’

  • CNM  Reporter

Students  have been depending online education since the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in Kerala. However,online education is interrupted in many hilly and coastal regions in the state due to  lack of facilities.

Poor connectivity and technical vulnerability pull children back in formal learning  as authorities failed to set up adequate  facilities for online  education.Most of the affected children are from backward area and poor family circumstances.

One of such regions is Muthukad in Perambra. It belongs to Chakkittappara Grama Panchayath and there are three Scheduled Caste and two Scheduled Tribe colonies,here. Fraternity Movement pin points locations where children suffer lot,after visiting these localities. 

Students residing in Sitapara Colony,Kolathur Colony, Narendra Dev Colony, Ambedkar Colony, Half Acre Colony are unable to follow online classes.

Fraternity Movement District Secretary Mujahid Meppayur and Secretariat Member Mubashir Cheruvannoor visited the area and discussed the issue with local people and social activists.

 A memorandum also has been submitted to Kozhikode Assistant Collector Mukund Kumar,demanding a solution for the matter.Fraternity district presidnet Muneeb Elankammel submitted the memorandum.

Students living in Dalit, tribal, hilly and coastal areas of the district are still finding it difficult to study, digitally. These students face many difficulties such as lack of availability of devices required for online education, network issues and lack of exposure in online education methods.

The Fraternity Movement called on the government to address such crises immediately and  make online education  available to all students in the district.

Despite the end of a two-week trial run recommended by the state Department of Education, many students in the district are still out of online education.

District General Secretary Labib Kayakodi, Vice President Zajeer T. And C attended.

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