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Covid prevention- Restrictions and Prohibitions in Kozhikode

  • CNM Reporter

District Collector Samba Sivarao has imposed strict restrictions and bans in the district as part of the Covid prevention measures. Restrictions were imposed by dividing the wards of the local self-governing bodies with the highest number of infected people into critical containment zones and containment zones.

Currently, wards with more than 50 patients in corporation and wards with more than 30 patients in panchayaths and municipalities have been declared as critical containment zones . Currently, wards with more than 30 patients in corporation and wards with more than 10 patients in panchayats and municipalities are declared as containment zones.

Critical Containment Zones in Kozhikode  district

Wards 6,9,19 in Changaroth Grama Panchayat, 7,9 in Chelannur Grama Panchayat, Ward 7 in Perumanna Grama Panchayat, 16,3 in Puthupadi Grama Panchayat, Ward 2 in Thurayur Grama Panchayat, Ward 5 in Kadalundi Grama Panchayat, Ward 1 in Kodancherry Grama Panchayat and Ward 1 in Kodiyathoor Grama Panchayat. Koodaranji Grama Panchayat 13, Koyilandy Municipality Ward 20, Kozhikode Corporation Ward 41.

Containment Zones

Ayancherry Grama Panchayat Ward 8, Chelannur Grama Panchayat Ward 14, Kadalundi Grama Panchayat Ward 19, Kakkoor Grama Panchayat Ward 10,4, Puthuppadi Grama Panchayat Ward 17,8, Madavoor Grama Panchayat Ward 11, 12, Kuruvattur Grama Panchayat 9,14 Purameri Grama Panchayat Ward 8, Kodiyathoor Grama Panchayat 16, Kattipara Grama Panchayat Ward 7, Ullyeri Grama Panchayat Ward 12, Villappally Grama Panchayat Ward 13 Starting from the south side of Kuttoth Kavil Road and passing Thiruvottaremmal Anganwadi Road to the west of Nayivar Bhavan, Aivayal Puthuppanam Road, Road 19 near Changaroth Panchayat, Changaroth 17 South side of Veterinary Hospital Road, Kuniyodu Edavalath to Kandi Mook, Koothali Grama Panchayat Ward 3, Maruthongara Grama Panchayat Ward 7,14,
Mavoor Grama Panchayat Ward 11,12, Vanimel Grama Panchayat Ward 2, Chengotkavu Grama Panchayat Ward 11 – Payangottuthaze – Manayath Mukku Navakari Under Umanadathu, Chengottukavu Grama Panchayat Ward 14 – Poilkavu School Ground North Road – 4 lakhs Ramanattukara Municipality Ward 9, Vadakara Municipality Ward 17,31, Kozhikode Corporation Ward 7,28,43,60.


No gatherings are allowed in the critical containment  zones. Places of worships will not be opened to the public. In Critical Containment Zones, the public should not go out unless absolutely necessary. Only shops and establishments selling essential items can operate till 7 pm. Parcel delivery at hotels will be until 7.30pm. All institutions related to the health sector will function normally. The monitoring of the health department will be strengthened. Traffic will be restricted with barricades in the wards. Harbors, malls, and large markets are not permitted to operate.

The District Collector has directed that strict action be taken against violators under sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and sections 188,269 of the Indian Penal Code.

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