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“CPI(M) teams up with big-shots and land mafia”-P.K.Krishnadas

Communist Party of India (Marxist) has teamed up with influential persons and mafia, trying to sabotage the government land recovery cases,alleged BJP national executive committee member P.K. Krishnadas in a press in Kozhikode.
The party believes that Chief Minister’s office is involved in a conspiracy to help big corporates and land mafia to retain their illegal possession of government lands at different parts of the state.
“BJP will fight to retain all illegal lands and the party president has already joined as witness in land recovery cases.”

“The state will get around 5.5 lakh land from land encroaches,if the government is seriously preparing for the civil case which would come in front of Kerala High Court on January 30.”

“However,the government, instead of doing home works and appointing best available lawyers to fight the case, simply trying to take it lightly and,it is believed deliberately supporting land mafia and corporates.”-said Krishnadas.

The government is standing for Joyce George  MP PVAnwar MLA in their land encroachment cases.

In both the cases,public land is being possessed,illegally by producing fake documents.

“CPI(M) is supporting land mafia since the party has been depending these corporates for funding”-alleged Krishnadas.

LDF government under Pinarayi Vijayan is spending public money, extravagantly in one side and asking people to cut costs. Citing the helicopter hiring  controversy of the Chief Minister for accompanying the central team at Ockhi hit areas,Krishnadas said it was like robbing some one blind.

He also condemned the state government for its breaking promises. The LDF had promised to provide 25 lakh jobs in five years period.However,after finishing one year the government has stopped all public appointments.

“The  government is trying to make mafia and corporates who deal illegal activity as holy people.”-P.K.Krishnadas alleged.

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