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Crazy Brazilian fans,packed gallery;Dnipro wins Nagjee cup

Kozhikode once again proved its unremitting craze towards football. In a an exciting football final,Ukrainian FC Dnipro won Sait Nagjee International club football cup held at Kozhikode corporation stadium.

Around 40,000 football fans from the city and surrounding places penned another history in Kozhikode’s football .

It was a festive mood in the gallery.Bands,music and dancing audience gave new hopes to the revival of the classic game in the land of Zamorin. Children and youth arrived at the venue  with Brazilian flags much earlier than the schedule.

By 7 pm the gallery was almost full.Most of the football fans cheered up for their team Brazil.


They longed a great victory for their favorite team. However, non-stop electrifying attacks by Dnipro boys didn’t realize their dream.Finally,as usual they cheered up for the best game.

A packed gallery with non-stop bands , music and flags shook the stadium.It felt like a festive excitement in the recent history of Calicut.

A charged Ukrainians showed a non-stop aggressive game to shake the gallery where hundreds of Brazilian fans joined with band,music and Brazilian flags.


Dnipro’s Maksym Lunov netted the first goal in the 40 th minute.
In the 62 minute and 85 minute,another beautiful goals was born in the credit of Dnipro.Denys Balanluk and Yuril Vakulko made the stunning goals.Brazilian club tried their maximum in the second half to return a single goal at least, However, the army of Dnipro attacked the Brazilian team with their unending power game.

Industries and IT minister P.K.Kunhalikkutty attended the final ceremony and distributed trophies and prize money.

A.Pradeep Kumar M.L.A, Kozhikode District Football Association president Sidhique Ahammad, Corporation Mayor V.K.C.Mammad Koya were present at the valedictory function.


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