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Crowd puller arrives: Can VS factor credit votes?

V.S is still a factor in elections? How did his effort credit votes in the Aruvikkara by-poll?.Political think tanks may have different version on V.S .factor.However, it is true that V.S’s public meetings are crowded than any other politicians in Kerala.

His style,gestures, body language and actions attract a large number of audience including young ones.

V.S’s Kozhikode program also witnessed huge crowd,some times uncontrolled. The police had a tough time on Thursday to free V.S from the heavy mob who want to touch him,some others want to see him from quite near.

Kozhikode has been a strong post of the left democratic front for decades. Kozhikode corporation rule has been a distant dream for the United Democratic Front (UDF).


Last year the Congress led UDF front gave strong hit to the ruling front by improving their status by scoring much higher number of seats than the previous corporation.

The same tempo is there in the UDF camp. However, rebel candidates,clash between League and Congress everything will be affected in the polls.

Congress promotes candidates on the basis of ability this time than before. The party has almost succeeded in this aspect than the left parties.

Dr. Geetha contesting at 8 ward of the Corporation has raised a threat message to the opposing CPM candidate here. Youth consideration also taken into consideration of candidates.

P.M.Suresh Babu of Congress contesting for the corporation council also posed a threat to rival candidates.

Both the left and right claim huge winning margins.

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