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Crusade against cancer;actress Mamta tells her survival story


Film actress and cancer survivor Mamta Mohandas shared her fight against cancer during a conversation at the fifth edition of Kerala Literature Fest  2020 venue  in Kozhikode on Saturday.

Science has advanced in such a manner to beat any disease.The mind power and attitude that really  matters.

“Try to find out the right answers to your queries.When you want to google ask the exact question.

Information is on your finger tips.In our lives we all have a mission.Find out the true mission in your life. Work for that.Everything will come under your way and illness will go away”

Immunotherapy is the best method to fight cancer.The body itself prepare to develop a strong immune system within itself.This treatment is highly expensive and I had it in the US. I took a bold and independent decision to go on with the medication,there.

“Those days were tough to me.I didn’t even tell to my parents until I get relieved from the terrible pain.I had many sleepless nights,afraid of the pain. Gradually,the miracle of Science touched my life.I had a peaceful night,showing the sign of cure.Then I called upon my parents.” -said Mamta.

However,there are some affordable ways to undergo the treatment thanks to the interference of some medical companies.But,there are lot of difficult documentation in this regard. I hope our people will get such facilities in affordable cost in our place,too  “Mamta said.


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