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Current discussion ‘currency’

 Nobody might have a different opinion on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reformative and bold step against black money by banning Rs 500 and 1000 currencies.

However,people are still anxious and suffering lot in front of banks and ATM s.
Serpentine queues have been normalsights at most of the banks and post offices since last two days.
Some ATM s are still not fully functional.
Social Media platforms are flooded with comments,posts and trolls on the demonetization issue.
The latest troll is Prime Minister Narendra Modi playing a musical instrument from Japan during his trip.
Comments go like this:
“When people are standing in long queues under scorching sun,PM Modi is playing music from Japan.”
Meanwhile, some social media fans are sharing critical comments on Modi’s decision.
One of the popular share is the best selling author Chetan Bhagat’s comment on twitter.
Bhagat said,”While demonetization might be well-intentioned,the poor execution such as empty ATMs may lead to a lot of suffering for ordinary citizens.”
The method of execution was widely being criticized by common men and small and medium business people.
When people waited for long time in queues,and reached at the counter,they are told that only 1,000 is available.The rationing style of exchange also irritated people.
Ladies and senior citizen are the worst-suffered group who stayed long time in queues.Many felt suffocation.
Buses,railway stations,and wherever more people are assembled the hot topic of discussion is nothing but Modi’s reforms and black money.
An old Malayala,humorous film song also turned hit again now thanks to the social media users who share it through thousands of groups.
Nayapaisayilla Kaiyiloru nayapaisayilla…nanju vangi thinnan polum naya paisa illa…a song in Neelisali ,sung by Mehboob and K.Ragahavan as musical composer.(1960)The song was written by P.Bhasakaran.
“Not a single penny left in hand…”.the song develops in humorous tone.
Even though ,new generation youths are behind new age songs,this 60’s song is also going viral thanks to the revolutionary demonetization.

In small group discussions and debates,the good intention has been admired by majority of people.Still,they are fed up with the delay and sufferings for exchanging their banned notes.

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