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Cycling across India- for Women, Health and Environment

 Dr. Sarojini Monteiro, who has embarked on a cycling expedition from Leh to Kanyakumari spreading the message on the health and environment benefits of cycling to prevent diabetes and other non-communicable diseases reached Kozhikode today. A native of Goa and presently in Australia, she decided to take her message across the country using her simple mode of transport to do the calling — a bicycle.

 During her journey, she visits educational institutions, interact with people, educate them on the health and environment benefits of cycling to prevent diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. She also encourages women to cycle for commuting. Dr. Monteiro derives much pleasure and satisfaction in her efforts on wheels to propagate the noble message across the country.

With students and faculty of Community Medicine ,Calicut University

After reaching Kozhikode on Friday, she visited Calicut Medical College and delivered an inspiring talk on public health and prevention of communicable diseases to the students of community medicine department. She stressed the need for maintaining healthy habits and exercises to ward off various diseases.

Dr. Monteiro cycles from 50 km to 150 km every day depending upon the roads between 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. She has covered 2500 km on her cycling mission so far. .Dr Monteiro began her journey on October 18, 2015 and expects to reach Kanyakumari on December 24, 2015 culminating her noble mission.


She says, “Hopefully by the end of this trip a few people would start to exercise. With every pedal I pushed I wished that one person would start to exercise, to feel the good feeling that comes with exercising and to avoid the suffering that comes with diseases. In her enthusiasm to take her message of health to all sections of people, Dr.Monteiro has requested medical colleges and cycle clubs en route to arrange lectures on the topics of health and exercise to be delivered by her.

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