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Cyclone Burevi,heavy rain forecast

The Central Meteorological Department has said that the low pressure area in the south-eastern Bay of Bengal has intensified and turned into a severe depression. When the information was finally received, the system had reached 7.5 ° N latitude and 88.0 E longitude. It is located about 750 km off the coast of Sri Lanka and about 1150 km off the coast of Kanyakumari. The system, which is expected to become more powerful and turn into a hurricane, is also forecast to reach the Kanyakumari coast by December 3.
Warning for Kerala.

Going to sea off the coast of Kerala is completely prohibited until further notice. The ban, which takes effect at midnight on November 30, will apply to all types of fishing vessels. Those currently engaged in fishing must reach the nearest safe shore by midnight on November 30th.

The Central Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains in many parts of Kerala from December 1 to December 4. Extreme levels of rainfall are forecast for southern Kerala on December 2. The Disaster Management Authority has directed the government agencies to complete the necessary preparations. The public is advised to be vigilant.

The Central Meteorological Department and the State Disaster Management Authority are closely monitoring the development and trajectory of the low pressure area. Changes to the warnings will be updated. It also gives the current location of the system and the trajectory predicted by the Central Meteorological Department.

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