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Devananda’s death;mysteries haunt family and natives

Seven year old Devananda’s missing and death reported in Kollam is haunting her family and natives. Her missing story spread through social media,yesterday itself.


Kerala people took this incident seriously and alerted all about the possible kidnapping gangs and other such criminals.

The reason of her missing has not yet been revealed.Devananda had been missing since yesterday morning.Many search operations were conducted since the missing.

Her body was found from Ithikkara  river near by her house,today by police divers.

An autopsy was done at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.As per the report,no injuries found on her body,said the police.

How did she reach at the river,which is roughly 500 meters away from her home? Her natives and Panchayath Member said there was some mysteries behind her missing and death.

Devananda is the daughter of Pradeep Kumar and Dhanya. Pradeep, who works abroad returned back home on Friday.


Devananda was with her mother and younger sibling at their home.While her mother went for washing clothes ,Devananda was told to stay indoors with the sleeping sibling.

However,when her mother returned back after washing,Devananda has gone missing.


Dhanya said that she had instructed Devananda to stay indoors and keep an eye on her three-month-old brother who was asleep. When Dhanya returned from her chores, she found the front door open and the girl missing.


The Police have intensified the inquiry.

Devananda never go alone to play outside the house or the river side,the natives believe,firmly.

Devananda’s family also  had no habit o fusing the river for washing and bath.So,the child’s lonely walk is unbeleievable.say neighbouring people.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan,Leader of the Opposition Ramesh  Chennithala mourned the  death of Devananda.

The whole Kerala had been praying for her safe return ,since yesterday.However,the news of her body ,fished out from the river,shocked them.

PIcture courtesy:Samayam


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