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District Collector reminds people to follow Covid-19 protocol,strictly

  • CNM Health Reporter
  • 3998 new cases have been reported on Sunday,said District Medical Officer -in-charge Dr.Piyoosh M.The latest TPR is 28.68%

Kozhikode District Collector Samba Siva Rao has urged people to follow strict Covid-19 regulations  to stop quick spreading of the pandemic.In a press release, Samba Siva said that the situation in Kozhikode district is  going to be severe.

Crowded situations are totally banned in containment zones.Local bodies should ensure no gathering is allowed in such locations.

If there is no home isolation facility,Covid-19 patients are advised to be  shifted  to temporary treatment centers.

Test Positivity Rate (TPR) can be controlled,only if we follow these guidelines-he added.

Barricades must be installed in Critical Containment Zones (CCZ)and there will be only one point entry and exit facility. Hotels,tea shops,groceries,hospitals,medical shops are the only essential services allowed to operate in CCZs.

Places where highest TPR is recorded will be treated as containment zones.

The District Collector reminded that TPR can be reduced in concerned localities ,only if strict regulations are imposed.

As per the latest updates from district medical authorities,total number of new cases reported in the district in a single day is 3,998 (25/04/2021).

TPR 28.68%.

On Saturday the district medical authorities reported 3767 new cases and TPR was 26.56% (24/04/2021).

In the previous day,the number of positive cases was 3939 and the TPR, 29.34 (23/04/2021).

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