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Disturbing hartal-Comment

A view of stranded passengers t Kozhikode New Bus stand on the hartal day

Hartals have become as normal a protest in Kerala, disrupting normal life. Any single organisation or

association of many organisations can call for an hartal. It is usual in Kerala, some trade union leaders appear before the media and announce their dawn to desk hartal. It is a shameful activity that a society, boasts of its literacy, political awareness suffers lot to hartals in short intervals.

Any political party can call for hartal and creating obstacles in the normal flow of public activity.Hartals cause huge loss to public treasury.

When developing states are hugely investing human resources more than ever, to achieve high growth rate;

Kerala politicians are still practising undemocratic protest like hartal.

Politicians have their justifications on their protest.They

believe hartals are more significant a protest method to mark their disapproval.In democracy, there are many methods to show one’s disapproval. It also provides a platform for discussing and debating all relevant issues.

All these methods are familiar to Keralites.

However,recent trend in Kerala proves that politicians are behaving strangely and people are paying huge price.


Keralites,work in other countries ,especially in the Middle East countries dedicate their time mostly in creative manner.They don’t even dream of hartals or such disruptions.

Recent in Kerala is people are trying to celebrate hartal

as a bonus off-day .Long queues in front of chicken sotores and other Beverages  shops give a hint to Malayalis new think process of making hartal as a celebration.

It is high time people in Kerala begin protest against hartals and express their disapproval.

Say big no to hartal to make this land a beautiful place .

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