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Do we have ideal governance?


Ours is a democratic country with states as federal units. Both centre and state has its own powers to exercise, but within the democratic frame work. As we all know in democracy, people are more powerful and any Governance should address their real issues. Every Govt. has the responsibility of providing safe and secure life to its citizens. They should get adequate food and water, adequate cloths and safe place to live. Ideal governance is one which addresses these issues.As an independent observer for the last many years, I feel that most of our past governments failed to address the basic needs of its citizen. Our last good Chief Minister was C Achutha Menon during 1970-76 and the last powerful Chief Minister was K Karunakaran during 1976-81. All others were mere political leaders who failed to grow beyond their narrow political circle.


Politicians are bound to follow their party’s ideology and work pattern. But once they are elected as peoples’ representatives or appointed as ministers, they should be able to break the party’s shackles and work for the entire society. All are citizens under their governance.

As years pass by there is considerable deterioration in the standard by which consequent governments worked. The common men, especially the poor, the marginalised are at a loss and their problems are never settled to their advantage. Even at this stage when Covid-19 is
devastating the lives, politicians and those in the Governments are involved in brick battle. Those who are close to the power are amassing their fortunes at the cost of poor people.Are we all going to remain at the receiving end forever? Is there any end to this political drama?
When can we get good administrators? These are all questions asked by majority in our state. They feel they are helpless. They expect
some saviour to appear dramatically to help them. Seeing the trend I am doubtful about these.People should come forward. People who suffer should act. There are lots of good Samaritans in the state. They are doing their work for the benefit of people without being noticed. But they are all isolated in their own means. There should be some means to connect these people, to form a force to reckon with.
It can be done through media only. Social media is powerful. It is being used for unnecessary arguments, stone pelting and biased reports. At least a few media with good intention should join together to start a campaign before the next election. It should grow as a movement, one which is noticed by everybody. Of course there will be criticism. But if our intentions are straight forward nobody can beat us. This is my belief. I am not against any political parties, but I believe that the political perception of our common man should change. It should change for a better tomorrow.If I am of any help to this movement, I am only happy to associate. Let this be the light of hope.

Dr C Ravindran MD, DTCD, FRCP, MBA Professor & Head Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences Wayanad, Kerala.

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