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Don’t use social media for hate speech:Thangal

Social Media has a powerful role,however,negative use of social media should be avoided,said Panakkad Hyderali Thangal.He added that hate speech and negative contents would spoil the society.
“It is better to avoid unwanted shares and likes. When one ridicules and humiliates other people,one should remember that it would backfire.”-Thangal said.
Posting and sharing of fake news and information on social media is a crime and immoral activity.
Social media has dynamic power to make reformation and revolution in the society.But,recent social media contents are largely spreading sectarian messages,making dissidents among people on the basis of religion and faith.
Some people are trying to spread divisive thoughts and hatred through social media-he said in a video message. 
Social media was originated to make and update friendships and social relations. Social media also has good and bad impacts.Try to involve in positive use .When you share good messages,it would enlighten other,too.
One’s words and deeds should not hurt other individual or other’s faiths and traditions. Holy Quran teaches the lesson of mutual respect and never agrees to humiliate other religious icons or symbols-Thangal pointed out.
Before every post and like,just remember Muhammaed Nabi’s teachings-Either share virtues or keep silent’Thangal said.


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