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DoT to conduct online EMF Awareness Session on March 30

  • Radiation from mobile towers;DoT to clear all misinformation and misconceptions in an online awareness session on March 30 through google meet.

Telecommunication services have been playing an extremely important role in our economy and especially during disasters. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a global health crisis, telecom services played a major role in maintaining not only the continuity and functioning of administrative machinery, but  also economic and industrial activities apart from facilitating ‘work from home’,
education, news, entertainment, social networking, and keeping friends and family connected. The need for telecom services have gone up in an unprecedented manner due to this.
To continue providing seamless connectivity for the growing demand for telecom services, there is a immediate need for faster deployment of towers to expand and improve the coverage. This calls for speedy deployment of towers to expand and improve the coverage. However, due to misconceptions and misinformation, public at some locations are apprehensive whenever a tower is proposed in a residential area. Hence there is an acute and urgent need to create awareness about the reality about radiation from mobile towers.
In this regard, DoT Kerala LSA (Field Unit of Department of Telecom, Ministry of Communications, Government of India) is organizing an online EMF Exposure Awareness Workshop on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 11 am. The workshop will be addressed by Senior Deputy Director General, Head of Kerala LSA,Deputy Director General (Service Compliance) and Dr. Suresh Attili, Medical Oncologist Continental Hospital, Hyderabad. The workshop is open to all and can attend the same by joining the link

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