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‘Uphold moral values to fight dowry system and abuse of children and women’-Kanthapuram

Recent incidents of  dowry deaths, abuse of children and women   show the moral decay in our society, points out  Kanthapuram 

  • CNM Reporter

Indian Grand Mufti Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar said that the dowry system is against the values in Islam. The sacred system of marriage should be performed not on financial terms. Society must be prepared to treat women with dignity and respect-he underscored.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Prof Summit, a conference of professional students organized by the SSF State Committee. The abuse of children between the ages of six months and six years, the increase in dowry deaths and the proliferation of quotient groups are all signs of the moral decay of society.

The solution to these problems is the moralization of society. Only the creation of a generation that holds on to values ​​can solve this crisis. He said that efforts should be made to lead the new generation on the path of righteousness and goodness.
SSF State President KY Nizamuddin Falili presided over the function. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, a global Muslim scholar, was the chief guest. Muhammadali Saqafi Thrikkarippur, CN Jafar Sadiq, Hamidali Saqafi Palazhi and CM Sabir Saqafi spoke on the occasion. The three-day Prof Summit will be attended by about 5,000 students from various professional campuses across the country. Scholars and educators will lead various sessions on religion, politics, society, study, career and art.


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