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Dr. Boby Chemmanur narrates unforgettable memories of Maradona who did not know how to lie

CNM Reporter

Chemmanur International Jewellers MD and Chairman Boby Chemmanur narrates his unforgettable bond with football legend, Maradona.

If there is one person in the world who does not lie, it is Maradona.
When he gets angry, he throws away everything he can get his hands on but hugs him the next moment. Maradona was always like an innocent fifth grader.
Dr. Bobby Chemmanoor shares the memories of his good relationship with Maradona, who was deeply saddened by the demise of his dear friend and brand ambassador for his company, Chemmanur International Jewelery.

Boby became a fan of Maradona after watching football on television. He tried to touch Maradona on the television screen while he was a child. He only wanted to take a photo with him in Dubai.   But after taking a photo with him, I showed him the video of my charity work on the phone and he liked it very much. He hugged me and said. I will have all the support for your work. That I can come wherever I call. Later our relationship grew and he became the brand ambassador of my jewelry. I am very happy that I was able to bring him to Kannur in Kerala, later. I have made a lot of progress in business. But that’s not why I have a fan association. I do not know if there is another fan association like this in India. It is not my ability that has created so many fan clubs. As part of bringing Maradona to Kerala, Maradona Fans‌ is behind my Fans‌ Association. Many of them were with me in my run from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram. That’s how Boby Fans Charitable Trust Fans Clubs were formed in 9 districts. The arrival of Maradona was the reason I got such luck.

It was only when I had the opportunity to live with him in Dubai and Malaysia that I came to know him better. He had no desire for money. So he did not earn anything. One day the King of Abu Dhabi invited him but he could not go. The football king said, ‘Come here if you want to see me.’ People who came to invite said this is our country. When told that things were different here, Maradona angrily tried to beat them. He was such a bold personality. No matter how big he was, his habit was to say something face to face if he did not like it. Voices were raised against the former American president and the old Pope. The current Pope is a man who leads a very simple life and was very fond of him. And have seen firsthand. I was told that we would go to see the Pope once together.

He once burst into tears and said, “I was kicked out of football for using drugs. It’s a big scam. The toes were ripe, and he was drugged and betrayed. Dr. Boby Chemmanur said that he did not reveal the name of the person who did it

When asked how he got into football, he laughed and said, “If you have surgery, you can see football in my blood and heart. There is a limit to what you can achieve with training, but Maradona was a born footballer.” There are a lot of footballers in the world but there is no substitute for Maradona. There will be no more. He is such a football genius.
He loved Messi very much. He coached Messi personally. Many people do not know that. He was saddened by Messi’s every mistake. But his country should win the World Cup. That is his sincerity. When shared with Maradona, Maradona said he was not interested in it and said no to it. Because they liked Messi so much, but when something went wrong on Messi’s side, it was Maradona’s outspokenness, so there was a resentment between them. And Maradona always says. I play for my country and money and fame are the things that come after that. But there is a difference in Messi’s ethics that I find it difficult to agree with. Did you know that Maradona is not interested?

When I found out that Maradona was not interested, I gave up trying to make Messi a brand ambassador too. I like Messi too. Messi is second only to Maradona. There is a photo in Maradona’s purse. It is a photo of his grandson Benjamin called Bencha. It is often said that he will train the bench and bring the World Cup to Argentina through him. His dream was to fulfill his unfulfilled wish for Messi through his grandson.
When Maradona was brought to Kannur, I saw him face to face with death. The next morning, that is, the day of the inauguration, I went to bed. When it was time to call, he came to beat me. The pillow was thrown away. I was told that the inauguration could be done at night or tomorrow. His secretary said he would throw up the night to look no further. Then I saw my death ahead. Because the people in Kannur are very nice but in case … I went back to Maradona’s room. Even if he is beaten, it is out of Maradona’s hands. I went to the room crying and he felt sorry for me when he saw my tears. I listened carefully to what was said. He immediately took off a shirt and came down with me without even taking a shower. When he got on stage and saw the fans, he was overjoyed. Inaugurated, played football, danced and sang songs,next was to  cut a birthday cake. The cake had a football shaped part. He did not cut it. When asked why, he said, ‘Football is my heart, how can I cut it?’ Today that heart has stopped. The heart of world football.

When he found out that he was not feeling well in the hospital, he was very worried. He used to call the people in the hospital and inquire about things. When he was discharged from the hospital, he had a slight memory loss. He was not normal. So again discussions were going on to do a surgery on the brain. Heart problems were not expected

He’s really a god..the football god ..
There will be no one to replace Maradona ..
I wanted to get a last look at Maradona..I contacted the embassy for that..but it doesn’t seem to be happening in the current special situation. His next wish is to do something that will preserve Maradona’s memory. Dr. Boby Chemmanur said and stopped.

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